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physiotherapist and massage therapist


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maria_miniMaria Martinez is a physiotherapist (2001-2004) and massage therapist from Spain. She has been living in Ireland since 2008. She has worked in Melt and Zenergy and SV Fitness. She runs her own practise base in Samadhi Yoga Studio. Additionally working as therapist in one of the biggest companies in Ireland. Currently studying Classical Chinese Medicine in INMI Clinic.

“In terms of the therapeutic massages I provide, I go beyond plain massages and craft each and one individually by drawing from my knowledge of physiotherapy and my extensive experience. In this way, the final result of all of my treatments is a combination of massage, stretching, exercises, osteopathy, cupping and a large range of different techniques of physiotherapy – without forgetting relaxation. My work consists of two important aspects; first, I provide a ‘hands-on treatment’ therapy, which is the best way to heal injuries. Then, I work on educating my patients, emphasising ways to prevent the condition from reappearing in the future.”

“Each patient is unique to me: I keep personal records on their health history, why they came, the therapy received, recommendations made after every treatment and all useful information to help me with future treatments. I consider this a very important part of my job, as it allows me to do my treatments personalised and more effective, whether the patients come back in a week or a year“


Remedial Massage, Deep tissue and Sport Massage, Swedish and Holistic Massage, Pregnancy
Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Cupping and Weleda Facial.

Samadhi Yoga Studio Dublin: The Wooden Building, Cows Lane, The Old City, Temple Bar. Dublin 8.
The gate is opposite The Queen of Tarts Cafe. Use The Remedial Massage Buzzer at the gate.


*Maria’s working hours are flexible, dependent on the bookings.


-30min treatment for 35€
-60min treatment for 60€
-Weleda Facial 50€


Extend Treatment:
-75min treatment for 75€
-90min treatment for 80€
-120min treatment for 100€

Treat yourself:
-Weleda Facial + 30min treatment for 75€
-Weleda Facial+ 60min treatment for 95€

-2 lymphatic massages of 60min for 95€
-2 lymphatic massages of 90min for 110€

Samadhi regulars
-5€ off the 60min treatment

Loyalty card:

Every sixth visit will be for free (or 60€ off if the last massage is an extend treatment). There is no need to pay or book in advance for all treatments, but the sixth visit needs to be within six months of the first visit. Any vouchers (from 60€) bought will be added to your loyalty card. Ultimately, the final price per massage is 50€. This is apply in treatments from 60€.

How to contact:

Booking: 0851271682.
-You can contact Maria directly on this number to make your booking. You can either call or text. If your call is not attended to, please send Maria a text message about your enquiry and she will get back to you. Please note that bookings can not be made via Whastapp, Facebook or similar.
-Phone lines are open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 8pm. Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Contact Maria