Francisco Javier Diaz

physical and neuromuscular therapist


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javier_miniFrancisco Javier Diaz is a physical and neuromuscular therapist, personal trainer and tui na practitioner from Spain who has been living and working in Ireland since 1999. He has worked in Melt, Zenergy, SV Fitness and as an independent therapist as part of the TRM team. Aside from having private clients, Francisco has offered onsite orthopaedic massages at companies, including Google, Facebook, Arvato and Globaltext.

“Some people may be surprised when they hear I studied law. Law is something I left behind to follow my passion of sports and health. Having practised sports all my life, playing football on a semi-professional level and doing Karate, I understand the importance of overall wellbeing for the body and mind in order to perform at a high level, be it physically or mentally. I hold qualifications in physical and neuromuscular therapy which is my main expertise and have, throughout the years, acquired many other qualifications due to personal and professional interest in broadening my knowledge. “


Remedial Massage, Tui na, Deep tissue and Sport, Swedish and Holistic massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Massage, Hot stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Dorn Method, Face Lift Massage, Cupping and Dry Needle and Office chair massage.


Dan-Tien Complementary Health Studio. 30 Bride Street. Dublin 8.
Samadhi Yoga Studio Dublin: The Wooden Building, Cows Lane, The Old City, Temple Bar. Dublin 8.
The gate is opposite The Queen of Tarts Cafe. Use Samadhi´s buzzer at the gate.


*Francisco’s working hours are flexible, dependent on the bookings.


-30min treatment €25
-60min treatment €40


Extend treatment:
-75min treatment for €50
-90min treatment for €55

How to contact:

Booking : 0861625934.
-You can contact Francisco directly on this number to make your booking. Send a text message to him about your enquiry and he will get back to you.
-Contact Francisco via phone from Sunday to Saturday in between 10am and 9pm.

Contact Javier