Before the therapy:

-We are 3 independent therapists. To make a booking go to the therapist you are looking for and check his/her resume,
location and how to contact him/her. Prices vary.
-We run by an appointment only system.
-Please ensure to check the website for information on which therapist is working on the day you wish to schedule an
appointment for and contact the appropriate therapist.
-If you are interested in booking a specific type of massage (e.g. facial, lymphatic, hot stone…), please let us know in advance.
-In case you do not know which massage is best suited for you, we will provide you with advice and will ensure to
personalise your therapy accordingly.
-Try to estimate how long your therapy will approximately take. For example: If you are looking to get a deep tissue massage of several areas one hour may not be sufficient. Please ask your therapist before booking an appointment if you have any doubts.
-Please make sure to be on time for your appointment, so that you can benefit from the full length of treatment booked. Check location.
-Debit or credit cards are not accepted, cash only.
-Evenings and weekends are the busiest times. Avoid disappointment by booking in advance.
-Please check with your insurance for cover.
-All therapists at TRM are fully insured.

During therapy:

-An initial consultation will be conducted. If there is any underlying condition we should know about, or any specific requests, e.g. specific areas to be treated or areas to focus on or not to work on at all, let us know at this stage.
-Don’t be shy to let the therapist know if you are feeling uncomfortable, e.g. cold, hot, more or less pressure. We need to know in order to do a good job.
-We may make recommendations after the therapy, e.g. exercise, see other specialists. It is at this stage you should ask questions should anything be unclear.

After the therapy:

-Do not exercise excessively or put your body through other stress within the next few hours.
-Keep treated areas covered and warm. This is vital as it could affect the therapy just received.
-Drink plenty of water. This is really important as the massage removes toxins from the body and you need to refuel it.
-The next day or within the next few hours, you may feel slightly stiff. This we refer to as the “hangover” of the massage. Please do not worry, it is normal and will go away.
-If you still feel your condition has not vanished and would like to come back for further treatment, we recommend to book within a week for best results.
-In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.